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アイヌの人達が大切に守ってきた「カタチ」であり、ケルトの人々も伝承し伝えてきたカタチで、その他 世界中で確認できる文様です。




The Power of “Shape” Architecture of SORA (Light)

Temple Beautiful “Temple of Secret Techniques”

It is a form that has been carefully protected by the Ainu people, a form that has been handed down by the Celts, and other patterns that can be found all over the world.

This “shape” pattern represents the infinitely expanding universe, and it is also a starting point and a fundamental shape.

In the “Temple of Secret Techniques”, the mechanism of the creation of the universe, the will, the infinite techniques encrusted in it, the items, levels, and individuality that a person needs, regardless of whether they can be recognized or not, can be connected naturally. I will prepare.

By staying in the dormitory, you will naturally acquire the world of consciousness and thought patterns, as if they had been there before.


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